The Ultimate Guide: How to Make Your iPhone Run Faster

When was the last time your trusty iPhone wasn't by your side? Has it been a few hours? A few weeks? Maybe you can't even remember a time where you didn't know where your iPhone was. You could even be holding it right now to read this!

Smartphones have become such a vital part of our daily lives. With everything from important contacts and emails to social media apps and photos, it seems like our whole lives have been condensed into one device.

So, when that device stops working, has a bad battery, or starts running slowly, we don't like it. Figuring out how to make your iPhone run faster may seem impossible, but it's easier than you think.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to discover the ultimate guide on how to make your iPhone run faster.

Delete, Delete, Delete

Think about all the texts you send in a day, all the pictures you've taken, and all the things you've downloaded. Over time your phone accumulates all sorts of extra things it doesn't need anymore.

Start by going through your apps and delete the ones you never use. Then, move on to messages, photos, videos, and music. You'll probably find a few songs you've never listened to and some accidental videos that are few seconds of nothingness.

You can also backup everything to the cloud or transfer some pictures and videos to your computer. Once you have a copy safe and sound, delete it all from your phone and clear up as much room as possible. The less clutter bogging down your phone, the faster it'll run.

Set Up Automatic Message Delete

How often do you look through a conversation that's more than a day or so old? It probably doesn't happen that often. Deleting your old messages is a great way to clear up space, but you'll find that they just build up again.

You can set your phone to automatically delete your messages after 30 days or 1 year. By opting for the 30-day option, your phone will be regularly deleting old messages to prevent them from accumulating. All you have to do is go to Settings > Messages > Keep Messages > 30 Days.

Completely Exit Out of Apps

Apps are the lifeblood of any smartphone, but using them drains your battery and can make your phone slower. Now don't worry, there's nothing wrong with using apps - you just want to make sure to completely close out of them when you're done.

If you just click the home button and do nothing else, they'll stay up and running in the background. Do this often enough, and you may have 10 apps running at once slowing your phone down!

In fact, when deciding how to make your phone go faster, this is the first thing you should check.

Clear Your Cache

Your phone's cache can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It's designed to help your smartphone run faster by saving copies of web pages it believes you'll visit in the future.

But, sometimes this cache can become bogged down and it can actually make your phone run slower. To clear it, go to Settings > Safari App > Clear History and Website Data.

However, be aware that it will also delete your browsing history and automatically inserted passwords on any websites you use the Safari app to visit. If you can't remember your website passwords and don't want the hassle of resetting them, then this may not be the best option when deciding how to make your iPhone run faster.

Turn Off Location Services

Location services can be a big battery drainer and a huge reason your phone is running slowly, especially for those who live in areas with unreliable service.

When location services are turned on, your iPhone is constantly checking your location. If you don't have good service, your phone will be straining itself even harder to find a location. This will cause your phone to put too much energy into this feature and run very slowly when you try to use it.

If you want to turn it off, you can go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and turn the toggle off. You may also opt to turn it off for some apps and leave it on for others.

Turn Off Background Refresh

Did you know that all your apps are automatically set to refresh even when you're not using them? This is great for some apps, like navigation apps, because you want them to stay up to date if you minimize them for a second while driving.

However, most apps don't need to be refreshing in the background - it just takes up extra energy which can drain your battery and make your phone run slower. To stop this, you can go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and switch the toggle off for most of the apps on the list.

Try Restarting It

If all else fails, try a good old fashion restart. Many people opt to keep their phones turned on 24/7. But, just like any other computer, your smartphone may need a little break.

Restarting it can sometimes fix issues, such as a slow-running phone, that you thought couldn't be fixed without buying a new phone. Just turn it off, wait one minute, turn it back on again, and hope for the best.

How to Make Your iPhone Run Faster

If you've been getting increasingly annoyed with a slow-running phone, you may be on the verge of getting rid of it for a newer model. But, there may be another option. There are many features on iPhones, and other smartphones, that could be slowing it down.

Deleting old apps and messages, clearing your cache, turning off background refresh, and restarting your phone are some things that can work when trying to figure out how to make your iPhone run faster.

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