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We Repair iPhone, iPad, iPod, Most Mobile Phone, Smartphone, Cell Phone Makes

Broken, Cracked, and Shattered Screen; Color Conversion; Water Damage.

Competent and Experienced. Honest, Fast, and Reliable.

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7621 Cass Street NEW ADDRESS!!!

Omaha, NE 68114


iPhone 4, 4/s

Black/White Screen Replacement, $40 AMAZING EASTER SPECIAL!!!

Black/White Back Cover, $35, $15 with purchase of screen

Screen with new home button, add $15

Color Conversion, $85; Light Blue, Dark Blue, Red, Green, Pink, Purple, Orange

Above include new lcd display and digitizer.

Color conversions include new colored glass (front/back), lcd, digitizer, and home button.

Battery, $40

Ear speaker, Loud Speaker, Dock Port, Home Button, Power Button Assembly $50

Battery Terminal Repair, $100

Backlight Coil Repair, $150

iPhone 5


Battery, Home Button, Camera, $50

Dock Port, Power Button Assembly, $75

Backlight Coil Repair, $170

iPhone 5s / 5c


Battery, $50

Camera, $80

Dock Port, Power Button Assembly, $75

Backlight Coil Repair, $170

iPad 2, 3, 4

Digitizer Screen Replacement, $60 AMAZING EASTER SPECIAL!!!

LCD Display Panel Replacement, $150

Dock Port Replacement, $150

iPad Mini

Digitizer Screen Replacement, $130

LCD Display Panel Replacement, $180

iPad Air

Screen Replacement, $140

iPad 1

Screen Replacement, $150

iPod Touch 2, 3, 4

Black/White Screen Replacement with LCD, $60

Dock Port Repair, $125

Power Button Repair, $125

Volume Button Repair, $125

iPhone 3g, 3gs

Screen Replacement, $40

Screen Replacement with LCD, $65

Samsung Galaxy S3 / SIII

Glass Replacement, $85

LCD Display Assembly, $165

USB Port Repair, $125

Samsung Galaxy S4 / SIV

LCD Display Assembly, $220

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 / Note II

LCD Display Assembly, $200

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 / Note III

LCD Display Assembly, $300


Screen Replacement, $170

Kindle Fire HD

Screen Replacement, $120

Above prices do not include 7% tax

Virtually all smartphone models are also repaired by iFixOmaha. Call or text for pricing.

We also fix water damaged devices, replace batteries, etc!

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