Omaha Television Repair

Broken TV?  Yeah, we fix those.  Whether it's a cracked display or damage from an electrical storm, iFixOmaha can help with reliably fast turnaround and great prices.

Common TV Problems iFixOmaha Can Fix:

  • Black and white vertical and horizontal bars on screen
  • Display shuts down after a short time
  • Dim Display
  • No color on display
  • No sound but picture works
  • High-pitched Whine
  • TV's that don't turn on
  • Blinking TV displays
  • TV's with displays producing only a white screen
  • No display but sound functional
  • Double image
  • Display Distortion
  • No reception
  • Channels change without cause

Did you hear a pop?  This pop noise is the most common failure in TV's that customers experience.  Don't worry!  We have the fix for this problem.  It is a quick repair.

Which iFixOmaha Locations Fix TV's?

Our Cass Street location specializes in television repair.  The address:

7643 Cass St, Omaha, NE 68114

Call us: (402) 218 - 4651