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 Cell phone repair finished in 30 minutes or less.  We offer a lifetime warranty.

Cell phone repair finished in 30 minutes or less.  We offer a lifetime warranty.

Thirty-Minute Smartphone Repairs

iFixOmaha specializes in fast, reliable cell phone repair.  We offer thirty-minute phone repair service for the most popular brands including Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and LG G Series smartphones.

Our thirty-minute smartphone repairs include:
Phone Screen Replacement
Battery Replacement
Button Repair
Charge Port Repair
Camera Replacement
General Phone Diagnostics

iPad and Tablet Repairs

We offer the finest iPad and tablet repair service available anywhere.  iPad repair is both more time-consuming and involved than typical phone repairs.  Restoring an iPad, and doing it right, requires a well-trained, experienced technician with good hands and an eye for detail.  Our iPad repair service is unmatched by anybody, hands down.  Please allow extra time for an iPad or tablet repair.  iPad turn-around is typically a day after drop-off, but we can offer a premium priced one-hour express service option as well.

Computer and Laptop Repair

iFixOmaha offers computer and laptop repair at all of our locations.  From laptop screen replacements, hardware installation, and general computer diagnostic work, we do it all.

Video Game Console Repair

iFixOmaha helps you get back in the game with fast and affordable gaming console repairs for Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony systems.  Most of our professional technicians are avid gamers themselves, so we understand the importance of repairing your system fast and at a fair price!

Consumer Electronic Repair

If it has a chip in it, we can fix it!  All four of our locations specialize in gadget repair.  We also offer House and Home Installation and Service for appliance installation, TV repair and installation, and smart home IoT installation and service.

Customer Virtual Reality Systems

Experience the thrill of VR with a custom-built system, professionally installed at your home.  We can build a system that meets any need or budget.  We can install VR systems and support systems including HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift.

No-Questions-Asked Lifetime Warranty.

iFixOmaha leads the industry with our gold standard Lifetime Warranty.  We guarantee all parts and labor on our repairs for the lifetime of each device.  This warranty protects our customers from defective parts and installation errors.  

In the event of a defective part or, problems arise following a repair, iFixOmaha will honor our customer with a no-questions-asked warranty replacement service.  No appointment is necessary for most warranty work, and we offer the same thirty-minute turnaround for most jobs.

For Less-Common Devices iFixOmaha Offers Special Order Repairs at Excellent Prices.

For more information on special order repairs, call us at (402) 218 - 4651, engage a chat here, or visit one of our service centers.

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