First Blog Post

My name is Jason DeWater and I'm the owner @ iFixOmaha.  

For me, it's personal.  I started this company years ago in my basement.  My wife and I used to get so excited on the great days when folks we had never met would leave our home with huge grins and beautiful iPhones, iPads, and the like.  My kids grew up with a constant stream of humanity, from all likes, coming through our door.  We did a good service and made a lot of folks happy.  Since then we've grown.  Our staff is one of the largest repair teams of its kind and we're not stopping.  We're excited to announce another location coming in March at 72nd and 370 in Papillion.  The goal is still the same, though.  We offer the lowest prices in the nation, offer a lifetime warranty, strive to do the job quickly.  We're honest, fast, and reliable.

Every month our little shop in Midtown on Cass fixes over a thousand devices.  Every month, literally, thousands of Omahans come into our little hole in the wall for our help.  We deliver for most everybody and strive to serve 100% of our customers.

Come check back for the latest news at iFixOmaha or, better yet, come in to one of our shops and let our awesome staff show you why we are the best.